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Hi community! In this section, we want to share with you other companies and partners that work hard towards a decentralized world. These companies can help you in different ways. From offering staking solutions to make every effort to ensure your privacy. Check them out!

LUKSO is a Layer-1 EVM blockchain network that is introducing new tools and standards to revolutionise the blockchain user experience. LUKSO's solutions allow creators to build next-generation applications that will shape the future of the New Creative Economies through tokenisation, virtualisation and identification.


Learn more about Stakehouse on their website. is an advanced liquid staking platform designed to simplify the process of staking for users. By delegating staking to node operators, users can earn rewards without having to worry about the complexities of running a node. At the same time, users retain full control over their keys, ensuring that their assets remain secure.

Learn more about on their website.

Optimism is Ethereum's dynamic Layer 2 solution, powered by Optimistic Rollups, accelerating transaction speeds while reducing costs. It seamlessly conducts transactions off-chain, ensuring smoother user experiences, while reconciling final states on the Ethereum main chain.


Learn more about Optimism on their website.

Swarm is a peer-to-peer network of nodes that collectively provide data storage and communication service. It was created by the Ethereum Foundation in 2015 as part of the world computer vision. After 5 years of R&D under the Ethereum Foundation, Swarm graduated, implementation began in 2020 and the Swarm Foundation was established in 2021.


Learn more about Swarm on their website.

Stakehouse is a protocol which allows for complete composability and optionality for ETH staking because it is able to track every ETH deposited to a specific validator. They bring the benefits of ETH staking to mainstream users without comprising the decentralization of Ethereum.

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Stakehouse by Blockswap

Learn more about Stakehouse on their website.


Dappnode has partnered with the Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program (EF ESP) to provide Dappnodes to individuals worldwide. EF ESP offers financial support to enable the distribution of Dappnodes, ensuring a diverse network infrastructure for Ethereum. Learn more on how to get a free Dappnode Here

Ethereum Foundation Ecosystem Support Program (EF ESP)

Stakewise is a liquid staking protocol that enables users to participate in Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and receive ETH rewards. The protocol is supported by a network of node operators that ensure safety and efficiency.


More info on Stakewise website

Gnosis Chain is an Ethereum sidechain that prioritizes decentralization and accessibility. It is secured by over 100,000 validators all over the world. The diverse validator set and community governance help Gnosis Chain remain neutral and affordable compared to the Ethereum mainnet.

Gnosis Chain

More info on Gnosis Chain website

Gnosis Chain Logo

Stader Labs is a multi-chain liquid staking protocol with $350M+ TVL & 85K+ stakers. ETHx, the liquid staking token, has been designed to make staking on Ethereum more accessible and rewarding. It is a non-custodial solution that enables node operators to run Ethereum nodes with 8x leverage (85% less capital per validator) and receiving 42%+ more rewards vs solo staking.

Stader Labs

More info on Stader Labs

HOPR's main goal is to build a private internet for everyone. Their decentralized and incentivized mixnet obscures all metadata, including IP addresses, making it impossible to discern anything about who is communicating and what data they're sending.


More info on HOPR's website

Alephium is a Layer 1 blockchain avoiding common industry compromises, offering simultaneously scalability & expressivity, strong security & robust decentralization. It differentiates itself with a strong tech proposition & a rare focus on user experience through its suite of wallets. A strong community, bridges, a striving ecosystem of dApps & powerful tooling make it a welcoming place for developers & users alike.


More info on Alephium

Logos is a fully decentralised, privacy-preserving, and politically neutral technology stack that provides the necessary support for self-sovereign virtual territories.


More info here

Aragon builds the secure and modular Aragon OSx DAO framework and no-code Aragon App. Aragon deployed the first DAO framework in 2017, which has powered the creation of over 7500 DAOs and secured over $25b in value for leading projects like Lido, Decentraland, API3, Aavegotchi, and NFTX.


More info on Aragon

Lido is a decentralized staking protocol enabling users to earn daily staking rewards on their Ethereum. With Lido, users stake any amount of ETH and receive stETH in return, representing their staked Ethereum and accruing rewards over time. Take part in the Ethereum revolution with Lido.

More info on Lido